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There's a video for that

June 20, 2011

Recently my daughter came home really worried about an upcoming math test. They were studying the U.S. and metric systems of measurement, and Molly was really confused! She just couldn't seem to grasp the relationship between meters and yards, or liters and cups. She had a stack of flash cards to study by, but they really didn't make any sense to her.

Thankfully, Scholastic's site Study Jams had a few videos on Units of Measurement. The site was new to me, but I know I'll turn to it in the future for short, kid safe, and ad-free videos on math and science topics. There are over 200 videos on the site.

Other math and science related videos you may like:

This little ditty on the Water Cycle. Anna has played that song a hundred times. Warning: the tune is quite catchy — you will be singing it too! "Ain't it great?"

We find NASA's Brain Bites to be fun, short videos all about space travel and exploration. We watched a funny video about going to the bathroom in space (hey, I have a third grader!) and one about why space shuttles leave from Florida. I never knew the reason, but I do now.

Many thanks to Free Technology for Teachers for alerting me to Study Jams.

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